Re: It is hard

Datum: 05.10.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

It is so funny, as I am getting healthy again, I feel warm again all the time. So weird. And I used to have a really LOW blood pressure, but this month my doctor told me that I have quite HIGH blood pressure, I guess it can be the Paleo eating too? Cause I used to be cold ALL THE TIME, even in summer, but lately I am never and I have to sleep with my windows opened... weird, but true!
I do not have a standing desk, but I stand by a HUUUUGE printing machine and I have to operate it while standing, because I have to move around it a bit (add paper, take printed papers out, refill toners, fix paper jams, move printed paper to the cutting machine and stuff like that), I am basically MOVING all day long and I love it. So different from sitting on my ass for 8+ hours! Only one downside of it is that I can't browse internet as I could at my old job, back there I was all day on Bodyrock, your blog or my blog and I was able to post during the day, while now I can only do it at home. But time runs pretty fast in my new job, my first pay day is next week so I am curious :D I am living on a VERY LOW budget last two weeks so I can't wait to have some money again to start regular paleo shopping again. :)

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