My Inspiration

I am always looking for inspiration in my life. I like to be inspired, I like to be pushed and motivated. I am not talking about workouts only. I had so many dreams in my life - I wanted to be a singer (but my band did not survive highschool), I wanted to be a writter (I am good at writting, but I suck at creating original storyline), I wanted to be a journalist or archeologist (I am in love in Ancient Egypt and everything around it), I always wanted to discover or invent something :D I was always setting myself very high goals, but I forgot to think about the little ones too. I always wanted things, but never really did something to reach them. I always wanted to make a website or a blog, but I knew that I have nothing important or interesting to say to people. I am a kind of person who gets easily excited about things, but quickly loses the interest. Or I should say I USED TO BE like this. I found online, joined the community and after a week or two I knew that THIS IS what I wanna do with my life. I wanna be active, I wanna take care of my body, of me, so I can be a better version of myself FOR me, and for the others. People I love deserve to have the best ME possible. 

Even though I only write this for myself, I will mention some really great people who inspire me in my life. They deserve to be here :) Even just for me :D

As I said, I never got a blog because I didn't have anything to say. So what, this is my blog, and if I don't feel like talking, I am not going to. I take this as a little therapy for myself :D And I also wanna see how long it is gonna interest me :D

Who inspires me?

BODYROCK.TV - Zuzana and Freddy Light!

08.03.2011 18:35
This does not need an explanation in my opinion. Just check them out on Zuzana is the one responsible for me working out :D I don't know her in person (but I hope one day I will, she is czech as I am, she currently lives very close, I am just waiting for a meeting, lol), but she became...


08.03.2011 20:05
His website: Maaaan, he is ANGRY! :D I found this guy pretty recently, I found him by accident, was looking for some bodyrockers on Twitter and I found this article called Testing Trainers, where Alfonso was "reviewing" :) I was immediatelly hooked! His...

The sPNation

08.03.2011 21:07
Okay. Some people say he is ugly. Or drag-queen. Or even disgusting.  WROOONG. This guy is fabulous. The is no other word. He has some strong opinions, and he is not afraid to speak about them out loud, and does not give a crap what other people think. He simply IS himself, and that is what I...


08.03.2011 21:29
  Dusty's website: Dusty's youtube channel:   Okay, I have to admit that I am kinda obsessed with Dusty. In fact, I am obsessed with his music. I love watching him on youtube, I like the way he talks (I am not a native english speaker,...