19.09.2011 19:16

Hiya! :)

I am so happy and excited right now, I just have to write it down to get it off my shoulders :D

Last week I wrote a blog post about how I figured out what is wrong with my diet, but I wrote this on a piece of paper at work and I left that paper in my locker at work, so I have to take it home tomorrow and copy that to my blog, cause today I forgot to take it with me again :D So tomorrow I will be posting that, even though it is not gonna be actual, but still pretty good and long thing to read :)

The one thing I wanna blog about today is something a little different.

I just finished my workout (Hands Free Workout) and it was 20 minutes of PURE HELL. I was pushing on my max effort. I got a huuuuuuuge energy boost this weekend and I am so full of power again (thank you for that, you know I am talking about you, right?) so I decided I will try how far I can go with my workout effort and I killed that workout A LOT. My score is just GREAT and I am so happy about that. I feel strong again, like I felt months ago. I feel I can do anything now and honestly I feel like grabbing a skipping rope and give it a good 20 minutes. But it is quite late for me now and I really spent a LOOONG day at work today. It was a great day, me and my co-worker were making one of the first video-books and we had to much fun making it, but it really took us a long time to make the product ready to show to our superiors. But in the end they were impressed so I hope I showed myself in a good light, it was the first time I was really making something this important in the company I work in. So far I think they are happy with the fact that they picked ME for this job and I am really super happy too :) So after this long day I still felt tired, but I was looking forward to get home and workout. I wanna workout daily today and practise a lot of stuff - dips, reverse pushups, one legged squats, do a lot of burpees, lot of jumprope... I just feel like I found a new source of energy I can drink from (yeah, you) and I never felt better. I feel like I am finally complete - I know what I want, I know what I wanna do, where I wanna be and where I AM :) Something just made me realize all this... and I am very grateful for that and I would like to give back too. Hope I will have the opportunity soon. Until then I am gonna focus on the best scores possible! :) Dang, I feel so high! :D Do you feel high after a REALLY good workout? Or do you feel exhausted and sleepy? I used to be exhausted only, now I am super exhausted and boosted at the same time :) Let's see what I can do tomorrow with another workout :)

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