07.09.2011 15:40

Hiya beautiful people :)

I finally figured out everything, unpacked everything, organized my kitchen, living room/workout room, sleeping spot and most importantly - EATING HABITS :)

I have a brand new oven and I am still testing it. Right now I am going to make a frittata in it, so I hope it is gonna be OK. It is a combination of microwave oven and hot air oven with additional functions like grill, crisp (don't know what this is for yet) and also defrosting. I have to be careful what I am putting into it, because I can use metal stuff on hot air, but of course not for microwaves. So far I only made Caveman Custards in it, and warmed up dinner on Sunday. So it is gonna be a BIG PREMIERE today with frittata. :) 

I slowly removed "bad" stuff from my "new eating plan," and I feel okay again. I was very tired and I felt hungry most of the time. I also made some excuses that I HAVE NO TIME. HA! No time! I work from 6am to 2pm, so how can it be NO TIME??? Silly you (me). :)

Well, my time schedule is a little different now. I work 6am to 2pm, which means I wake up at 4:20am every day. That means I have to go to bed really early, 9pm, 10pm tops. Otherwise I am dead in the morning. People were telling me that Prague is different, that I will be working 9am - 5pm or even later, so I was worried, but this works fine for me. I just have to have my breakfast and lunch ready for the next day and I am fine. And after work I still have a lot of free time to spend with cooking, working out and getting to know Prague. I met two of my old friends already and I am looking forward to see other too. She lives very close to me, so I have to contact her soon.

I miss my old hometown a lot, and I miss my old job and people I used to work with. I miss it all, but I am not sad about it, because my new job is amazing, so is my apartment and I am slowly beginning to like Prague :) So I miss parts of my old life, but I don't want my old life back. Screw my old life, here comes the bright future :)

Gonna make that frittata now, wish me luck! :)




Datum: 14.09.2011 | Vložil: Jos

You are working from 6am to 2pm???!! WOW that's super early! But again, I do prefer to work earlier so I can go home earlier as well... :) I'm a bit confused...aren't you in Prague now or not yet, since you mention that in Prague you'll work between 9a-5pm?

Not sure how the labor system in Europe, but do you usually get overtime pay if you work more than certain hours? In the US, typically 8 hours is the standard working hours, and if you're on hourly rate, you'll get overtime paid (1.5x your rate), but if you're salary (flat pay every 2 wk/ 1 month) then no over time pay.

Re: Wow!

Datum: 15.09.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Hi Jos! Everybody was telling me that in Prague you work later, like from 9am, so I though I will be working from 9am too. I am very happy I can work early. I have to go to bed soon, yes, but I can spend almost all afternoon outside :) it is very nice weather here lately, so I am enjoying it. I am in Prague now, yessss :)
I work 8 hours too, but I can work more (today it was almost 10 hours, we had a LOT to do). In this company if you work more than 40 hours a week, you will not get payed more money, but you will have an extra day of vacation, which I think is good too. If you are an extra hard worker, you can earn more days off in summer, hahaha :D

Re: Re: Wow!

Datum: 15.09.2011 | Vložil: Jos

That sounds pretty good and glad everything works fine for you :D

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