16.10.2011 09:40

It's been a while since I posted! The reason for that is my poor internet connection. I have a quite strict FUP and I reached a download limit 2 weeks before the end of my billing date, so last two weeks I was only able to open my gmail and nothing else. That sucked A LOT, I missed quite a lot, and I was not able to post, share my workout scores, or do anything else except writting emails, which is quite frankly the most important thing for me now. I  can still do older workouts without internet, but I can hardly contact my loved ones without it :) But now I am back online, ready to post, read, write, share and tweet.

I did something I though I won't be able to do here in Prague - I installed a pull up bar! You know I wasn't able to mount it in my doorways here in my Prague appartment, because the door frames are made of pretty soft material and the pullup bar is breaking them once I try to install it. The other day I was in my bathroom and I realized that there is a space here which is ideal for a pullup bar and it is a solid wall there. You know where in some cartoons, there is a light bulb above a characters head and it lights up when he gets an idea? That was exactly what I saw above my head. I ran to my closet, grabbed the bar, installed it and immediatelly tried how it works. I was so happy about that and I was desperate to share it with someone, but there was nobody around (obviously) so I just posted in on Twitter via my phone to get it out of my chest. I mean, this was huge, I needed to tell someone! :D

It made me so happy, I felt like I did something incredibly challenging and I felt relieved that my precious pullup bar won't be useless in the closet anymore. So proud of myself I set up a new goal for this autumn/winter. I do not have any significant upper body strenght yet, even though my upper back and shoulder muscles are starting to show, but hey, I am a girl who wasn't able to do a single pushup a year ago and look at me now!

I decided that I WILL be able to do at least ONE PROPER UNASSISTED PULLUP till the end of the year. Doing a pullup has always been like a dream to me, something I never even thought to start practising or try to do. It is like spacetravelling to me - I wanna do it SO BAD, but it is too impossible to even imagine. So I decided to start easy and slowly walk my way up the pullup stairs to reach the very top of it till this year is over. I figured I will start with some negatives and leg assisted pullups. First I wanna master the pullup from standing on the ground, but my ultimate goal is to do it a regular way from hanging position. I suppose this is gonna be a difficult task, but if you know me, you can already tell that I love challenges. Along with pretty clean paleo eating I think I am on the right way to transfer my inner self (strong, confident and sexy, haha) to the oustide too. It's time to grab the bat and pull up my game!



Datum: 20.10.2011 | Vložil: Ayca

It's nice to hear from you Nina! I missed you!
I want you to come over to my place (with that bulb above your head) and find a place for me to install my pull up bar also. Since we moved out, it just waits for the perfect place behind the door. And I'm not happy about it, I can't do a regular pull up either, and I always thought it's something that only MEN can do :D I get ridiculously happy when I can pull myself up 3-4 times with the help of a chair!! :)

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