29.09.2011 18:33

Three days ago I felt awful, sick, weak and cold. Today, all I am experiencing is full nose and that's it. I didn't do anything special in my recovery process and I was at work of Monday and Tuesday, so Wednesday was my only rest day. I was in bed all day, made myself some Nom Nom Paleo's paleo pancakes for breakfast (cause I was sick, okay? Sick people need to have a special treat for breakfast, okay???), I was watching my favourite tv shows on my computer, drinking a lot of hot tea with a bit of honey, eating light and resting all day. Near the end of the day I really started to feel better and at about 8pm I already knew I am gonna be fine in the morning. Fever was gone, throat magically cured, the actual cold stayed in my nose only and I feel strong again. I didn't take any pills (except for my usual fish oil and calcium+magnesium pills), didn't do any inhalations or anything else. In the past I used to get sick A LOT, sometimes even 4 times during one winter. Last time I was really ill was in February 2011 and I had to stay in bed for almost 3 weeks. So this was actually my first illness since turning paleo, and I was wondering if there might be any connection between my eating habits and my quick recovery.  Because I doubt that there isn't. I have to ask some qualified people about this. Because, if my acne is gone (and I belive that it is because of paleo diet), it is more than possible that paleo is responsible for me being more healthy in every way, right?

My eating habits pre-paleo were really like a paleoist's worst nightmare. Everything processed, lots of sugar, very little veggies, almost no fruit, almost no meat (or lean protein sources in general), lack of sleep, long starving periods throughout the day. Add almost no physical activity (before and a lot of stress (at work, in marriage...). Dead sad couch potato with a pack of chips - that was me. Soon after discovering the beauty of working out, I also discovered the pain of overtraining. A few times actually :) and it usually took me four, five days to completely recover and get back on track. And of course I swore every time, that I will never ovetrain again and I will listen to my body and I will let it recover properly.. We all do that, let's face it, we know what we are supposed to do, but feeling like the smartest person around we usually do the opposite. I think it is just in human's nature (well, at least it's in mine...) :)

I think I just don't know where my limits are yet, even though I crossed them several times and suffered. I just still probably feel like I am "the smarted one" when it comes to my body. And I always think that by pushing through a hard time I can make myself stronger, while really I am just hurting myself and I regret it afterwards. This time again, I got a kind warning the same day I got sick - "Try not to train so hard, or you're gonna get weak and you are most likely to get ill these days." Oh yeah. I know. You told me several times before to take it easier and I remember always noding my head while reading it, feeling guilty like a little girl, replying I will not. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate being advised by smarter, more experienced people, they (most of the time) know what they are talking about and tend to really listen to them and apply these advices to my everyday life. But this one I really seem to overlook - Listen to your body. This advice is much more difficult for me than Listen to your heart. I suppose that Listen to your brain always beats the Listen to your heart (I tend to analyze things that do not need to be analyzed and sometimes can't just let it go and "live through that"), and at the same time Listen to your heart always kills the Listen to your body thing (I know I should not workout when I don't feel 100% okay, but I feel guilty when I don't and I just love it so much I wanna do it anyway.) Need to find a perfect ballance with these things :)

But anyway! I am almost sure that switching to paleo diet has something to do with my overall health. If you know the answer, let me know, I wanna be 100% sure :)))

Also I started to finally read Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint and so far I am loving the book. Still waiting for my copy of Paleo Comfort Foods! :) 

And right now a freshly made pizzata is waiting for me in the kitchen (this time with LOTS of brocolli and tomatoes!), so I am gonna eat some and then shower and sleep. My mom is coming tomorrow to spend a weekend with me, I can't wait to show her around! :)

Have an amazing Friday and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, please! :)



Glad you feel better

Datum: 02.10.2011 | Vložil: Jos

I'm so glad that you feel better than ever! Oh btw I LOVE how you organized the banners on the left hand side and even designed one for mine..haha..I think I'll have to start thinking of redesigning my own blog's been in the back of my mind for who knows how long.

Just like you, I used to get sick a lot as well, especially least twice (cold with fever etc). After I stated working out regularly, I didn't get sick at all last year *knock on the wood* and we'll see how's this year. There was close call but the closest I got was dry scratchy throat but no fever nor I need to be bed ridden for an entire day.

Eating clean Paleo plus working out regularly DO play roles here :)

Re: Glad you feel better

Datum: 04.10.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Yay, I am so glad you like that banner :D I found that picture on Deviantart and I though it will be perfect for you and I didn't wanna have all regular banners and one just text, really glad you like it :)
I am actually more and more thinking about moving my blog to another server and host it alone, just like you did it, I would like to design it myself and stuff... :)
I am also happy I feel good again, I might do a workout today, yay!!!!

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