01.09.2011 17:55

I have to blog, I feel so bad about myself today :( But let's start with a good news!


I moved! :) I am 100% moved and enjoying The City. I have a nice view, beautiful apartment, almost no neighbours in the building, every shop-office-important building very close to my house, friends I can go out with... the only thing I am missing is a certain company :) but I hope that's gonna be fixed soon. Also, today was my first day at work, and I enjoyed it A LOT. I think I am gonna love it. It is totaly different from what I was doing for 6 years in my old job, but so far I can say I will enjoy it even more. I will not have that much "free time" at work, but I hated it anyway, cause I got bored when I had nothing to do and when I am bored, time seems to run so slow. I am sure I will not have that problem here. I can do so many things here and I will LEARN so many things. I already met so many people there. It is really weird, because 2 days ago I had 4 workmates, not I have like 20 at least, and I have to learn their names and everything, I remember a few already. I can't wait to be completely trained and able to work on my own. I feel like I will be able to really express myself and show what I am made of :) not just do whatever your boss tells you while sacrificing my true potential and abilities. This is a workplace where I am sure they will appreciate what I can do and how hard I can work. 


Now to the bad part...

All this moving process, having half of my stuff here and half of my stuff back home made me SLACK. It is not an excuse, I am not trying to justify anything, I just jumped off the vagon 100%. My last paleo day me check my calendar...yes, 19th August! OMG, that is so wrong... I spent a weekend in Prague with my mom and we had this junkfoodmarathon. I was ready to go back paleo on Monday, but I didn't realize that being at work from morning to night + having half my equipment + having lack of time to cook will make me forget my paleo rules. I was basically pushed away from my good food. My fridge was EMPTY, and when I left work, it was so late that no stores were opened. So I turned to "bad" and quick fixes - fast food, fried cheese, cookies... makes me wanna throw up now :D As I was pigging and pigging, I started to feel weak, tired, bloated, fat and completely WRONG. No energy, no sparkle in my eyes, no smile on my face, nothing. I felt like DEAD. No kidding. My brain, smart enough to notice, was sending me signals like: SEE, THIS IS WHAT YOUR LIFE WAS BEFORE, YOU DON'T WANNA GO THAT WAY AGAIN! and it was right. I don't want that. I am not happy this way. I wanna feel like I felt while I was doing my Whole30! I wouldn't call it obsession or passion, this is a LIFE SAVER! Now that I know what makes me feel happy and alive, I am not gonna run away from that! Paleo is the way I wanna go, and I am not gonna let my laziness drag me another direction. I already did it for more than a month, and it worked. 

So, because of this bad week I am having and with lack of exercising (last time I did my workout was 22th August, well, it is not that long ago, but combined with pigging food, it is A KILLER), I felt so bad during todays workout, so I had to stop in the middle of it. I was out of breath, weak, shaky, light headed.. Immediately knew that this is a big NO NO.

September is supposed to be a GREAT MONTH for me, starting a new life, new city, new job, new everything, expecting a lot of good things to happen, so I am not gonna let myself ruin it with my own stupidity. 




Comment: BEING BAD...


Datum: 03.09.2011 | Vložil: Jos

Sounds like your new job is very exciting! I totally agree with you, even though you might be busier than your old job, certainly you'll grow your skills more to the next level. Nobody likes to feel stuck at what they're doing.

I like your spirit to jump back on to the Paleo wagon. It's good that you're not just stressing over being off the wagon. Life happens, right?

Re: Yay!

Datum: 07.09.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Yay, I love you also use "yay" :D
My new job is really good, I am loving it so far and I still have new things to learn, which is exciting too. I will unfortunately not use ANY of the skills I have from my previous job (cause this is totally different) but I love learning new stuff.
I need to get back on paleo train, cause I am loving it. I do not feel "good" without it :D But life happens, sure, we do not need to be perfect all the time, cause mistakes make us humans :D

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