16.08.2011 12:19


Today is my last day of Whole30 Challenge! I am gonna write more about my overall experience later, I just wanna say today that I know I will keep doing this, 30 days were a great start, but it is NOT OVER for me :) I am not gonna act like a pig now and shovel bars of chocolate and packs of potato chips to my mout. I am not gonna go to supermarket to buy a bottle of Dr. Pepper, and I am not gonna go to McDonalds this weekend and order 3 Cheeseburgers. No way I am going back to eat crap! Of course I can allow myself to have some treat from time to time, and I am really looking forward to get those wedding cakes out of my freezer tonight so they can be ready for tomorrow, and also I have a bar of chocolate my brother gave me last week, but I didn't touch it so far and I AM NOT gonna eat the whole thing! I don't see a point, I don't need it and I don't want it. 

After these 30 days I have a different point of view about food in general. I see all these hamburgers, baguettes, sandwiches, fastfoodie stuff, candy, cookies, all those, as a quick fix "food," that is gonna fill your stomach for a while on a run, when you really don't have time to cook yourself something better. In the past I though cooking is very time consuming and I was also lazy to cook (and I admit I didn't even know HOW to cook), but now I see cooking can be easy, it can be fast and it can be FUN! I love cooking for myself and treating myself with these meals and I love learning more and more about this lifestyle. Halfway through Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution (I don't have much time for reading now, but I give it at least few pages every night) I feel like I "look better naked" even just by reading it :D (Yes, he uses this expression A LOT, it is so funny!)

I am gonna go into more details about my Whole30 experience later! :)


So fast!

Datum: 16.08.2011 | Vložil: Jos

Congrats on almost finished with your Whole30. I didn't realize it's already 30 days for you? Time goes so fast and I totally agree with you after doing this Whole30, my cravings totally changed! :D

Re: So fast!

Datum: 19.08.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Yay, thank you Jos! I have to admind I DID eat some chocolate... *blush* But it was more of a curiosity, not really cravings.. And I was suprised that it didn't taste THAT good! :)

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