22.08.2011 21:00

I don't really understand HOW, but my last week is here!

In one week exactly (monday 29th) I will go to my current job for the LAST TIME. So weird. I spent more than 6 years with those people and I am actually LOOKING FORWARD to leave them behind. I love where I live, surrounded by forests, hills, mountain air, but I am really looking forward to leave. I guess it is because I know there is something better waiting for me... With like 2/3 of my stuff already in Prague and only a few necessary things plus almost all kitchen stuff here it is really weird for me to exist. I only have one pair of shoes + my workout shoes and it sucks, because the real summer just started and it is pretty gross to be closed in my sneakers all day long :D but I don't wanna buy a new summer shoes, I have a few pairs in Prague. Same thing with clothes, a few pieces here I will have to circle through the week :) 

I did my workout today, packed 2 boxes of stuff (bathroom + bedroom), now it is time for shower and bed.

I am really sloppy with my diet, not being able to cook this weekend in Prague means eating out all day, and that, my dear, means PIGGING!!! Oh yes, I had a cheeseburger, ice-cream drink in Starbucks AND a small pack of potato chips. So what? :D But I am good again, I promise :) I may have something non-paleo for lunch tomorrow, cause I am really too tired to make lunch now and I still have necessary things to do before going to bed, so forgive me, my PaleoSelf, for being a pig for one more day. I promise, everything will go back to normal once I am completely moved.  :)

I just can't belive how fast time goes :) ONE WEEK! One week and everything is gonna be completely different from what I know now. I feel like I am given a suitcase with a Brand New Life label and I just unpacked it, slowly studying what it has inside and already dediced I am keeping it. My old Old Life labeled plastic bag has many holes in it and is not able to carry more stuff and I wan't more stuff! I need and I deserve more stuff :)

I feel so positive today! :) Well, I have no reasons not to, so let's enjoy it :)

Final countdown!!!



Datum: 01.09.2011 | Vložil: Ayca Omrak

Nina!!! I'm so excited and happy for you! A brand new life has just started for you! and I want to hear more about it! How is it going in Prague now? Are you getting used to unlocking another door for another house? Me and my boyfriend had just moved into a real apartment (we were sharing a room before) and it is just a bit far away from where we used to live but I feel like it's been a HUGE change! I'm so happy to have my own space where I can exercise and overall it just feels great! Hope you feel the same way, and hope everything (including work, exercise and boys ;) ) will be more than AWESOME for you!
Hugs from Sweden!

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