26.09.2011 15:34

Lately, I have a feeling that everything is so perfect in my life now, that something terrible must happen. And so here it is.

This morning I woke up feeling just awful! Sore throat, possibly a little fever. I was waking up all night. To be honest, I don't sleep well at all in this apartment (on this bed?), maybe the couch a.k.a. bed is too hard or I don't know, maybe the window is on a bad side... Maybe I should try to move it somewhere else in the room or just to sleep with my head on the other side of the bed... Usually I am not a picky person, when it comes to sleeping spot, if I am tired, I can basically fall asleep everywhere, and I am used to sleep alone, so I don't know. Last weekend I really got a GREAT sleep, which was weird, because I was totally using the wrong side of the bed. Maybe I will try switching sides, huh?

Well, back to my poor health condition. 

I started to feel some scratchy sh*t at the back of my throat yesterday after shower and I was sure it was because I did my workout with opened window and as I was sweating, some wind may get me a little cold or something like that, you know how this happens. I did one workout in the morning (did great) and I felt so pumped up that I decided to do another one, found an older abs routine and went for it. I did 2 rounds only and started to feel weak. I was still a bit sore from Saturday's workout, but the first Sunday workout kinda made it better. Suddenly I was weak and out of breath, so I stopped and decided to try it later that day. I made (and ate) lunch, did some housecleaning (dishes, laundry), cooking, blogging, singing to some fave music of mine :) and about 3 hours later I tried that workout again. I didn't feel tired, I was actually still pretty pumped up, but AGAIN I failed after 2 rounds. But because I am a smart girl now and I know how painful overtraining can be (I've been there a few times, regreted and learned to listen to my body), I didn't even try harder or push through it. I just closed my exercise log, put my dipstation back in the closet (cause she attracts me so much, I can't resist touching her when she's out, haha), grabbed some tea, took a shower and relaxed on a couch. Still haven't seen Season 4 of True Blood, so I watched a few episodes, then had dinner and went to bed. About that time, I started to feel that scratchy thing in my throat, but didn't pay any special attention to it. When I woke up in the morning, I felt sooooo bad and sick :(

I haven't feel sick for such a long time! And I am worried that I could have done this to myself because I just couldn't stop trying to finish that workout. Now I am at work, leaning towards my machine (okay, I am home now, re-writing this from a paper to PC, but I wrote all that at work), drinking hot herbal tea (about 6th or 7th cup and it is only 12:30!), thinking about how am I gonna survive this day and how long will it take me to feel okay again. Of course, no workout for me until I am okay! (sigh) I learned from this. Last time I tried too hard and pushed through being sick, I ended up in bed for almost 3 weeks, just because I didn't listen to my body and wanted to heal myself with burpees. Hot tea and some vitamins is probably what I need the most now. I am happy that it is quite warm here where I work (it may be the fever, but it is really quite warm). Back at my old job, I really had to wear 2 vests and hold a teapot to warm myself, even in summer. It could be because back then I spent all day sitting on my ass, while here I am standing 8+ hours a day and I am also walking a bit, so I move and not just sit (thank the maker for that!) Of course it is much warmer here in Prague than back home. Wearing only a t-shirt at 5:30am makes people stare :D and one guy at work even asked me: "What mountains did you come from, Siberia?" That made me laugh. I am a highlander, dude! This is not cold for me! I am thinking that my winter clothes will be useless here. Well, I hate winter anyway, so snow can kiss my butt this winter. I will still have to visit my family during christmas time, so I will enjoy it a little...

Oh, I am losing topic again! See? That is why I am not able to write short stories or even text messages! 160 letters only for a message? Sorry for running off topic all the time :D But still, it is my blog, so you won't mind me getting off topic, right? I love writting long e-mails and letters, but my problem is that not many people can handle that. There are very few (actually 2 people) who are able to not only read my e-mails, BUT understand them AND even respond! I really do not know what I would do if there were no people like this in my life. I guess I would have to spam random people and see who is gonna catch up? :D

Well anyway, I don't wanna be sick, I wanna be okay soon, I wanna exercise, go outside, jump rope, harass my dipstation and be able to open my window when I am sweaty. And I want my guitar here. I miss it so much. I have to take it with me next time I go home. Whenever I feel down, I grab it and play and sing. It is almost the best therapy. Damn, this sucks!

I will buy some fruit on my way home. But for sure, no physical activity till I am fine again (boooo!). Guess tonight is gonna be another True Blood night then! (Team Bill, here!) We have a day off on Wednesday, so I am gonna spend that day in bed too. With lots of water to hydrate myself. We will see how quickly I can get fit again without doctor's help. Fingers crossed for me please! :) Have a great time till next time and DO NOT OVERTRAIN!!!


It is hard

Datum: 02.10.2011 | Vložil: Jos

It is hard sometimes to listen to your body..glad you didn't push yourself through. I came from a tropical country but surprisingly I actually can handle cold weather better than I thought..haha..even hubs can't stand cold as much. Sometimes I could still be wearing shorts while he's already wearing his sweater. I guess everyone is different huh?

That's so cool you got to stand rather than sit on your butt the entire day! Do you have a standing desk or something? I wish I can have that instead the regular desk. At least at home I could sit on my stability ball instead of the regular office chair.

Re: It is hard

Datum: 05.10.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

It is so funny, as I am getting healthy again, I feel warm again all the time. So weird. And I used to have a really LOW blood pressure, but this month my doctor told me that I have quite HIGH blood pressure, I guess it can be the Paleo eating too? Cause I used to be cold ALL THE TIME, even in summer, but lately I am never and I have to sleep with my windows opened... weird, but true!
I do not have a standing desk, but I stand by a HUUUUGE printing machine and I have to operate it while standing, because I have to move around it a bit (add paper, take printed papers out, refill toners, fix paper jams, move printed paper to the cutting machine and stuff like that), I am basically MOVING all day long and I love it. So different from sitting on my ass for 8+ hours! Only one downside of it is that I can't browse internet as I could at my old job, back there I was all day on Bodyrock, your blog or my blog and I was able to post during the day, while now I can only do it at home. But time runs pretty fast in my new job, my first pay day is next week so I am curious :D I am living on a VERY LOW budget last two weeks so I can't wait to have some money again to start regular paleo shopping again. :)

mountain girl :-)

Datum: 26.09.2011 | Vložil: pecana

ahoj..připomělo mi to něco-vlastně víc věcí:-). Jednak jsem vloni kvůli tomu, že jsem to přeháněla se cvičením, byla asi měsíc mimo-(rýma, jakou jsem ještě nikdy předtím nezažila opravdu 4 týdny v kuse)....a s tím oblečením..jezdila jsem do Prahy sbírat materiál na diplomku a byla jsem jako blázen, protože jsem jako asi jediná měla goretexové zimní boty :-)) jsem z Beskyd, no :-) a neznám True Blood..nicméně netrpělivě čekám na 6.serii Dextra :-) Brzy se uzdrav P.

Re: mountain girl :-)

Datum: 27.09.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Měsíc mimo??? Ty dokážeš člověka vyděsit! :D No já doufám že budu do konce týdne fit! Většinou mi stačí dva dny poležet a dopovat se vitamíny, tak uvidíme :) True Blood je o úpírech, což mi vždycky bylo proti srsti, třeba na Twilight bych se asi nepodívala :D ale tohle mě docela chytlo. Pokud jde o Dextera tak musím přiznat že jsem ještě nedokoukala 5. řadu (nedostatek času v posledních měsících), ale jinak patří též mezi mé oblíbené :) Děkuji za přání brzkého uzdravení! (Taky ti musím brzo odepsat na e-mail..) :)

Re: Re: mountain girl :-)

Datum: 28.09.2011 | Vložil: pecana

tak dneska jdu na první díl True Blood. Na CSFD má ten seriál docela dost procent, takže jsem zvědavá...Zdar a sílu :-)

Re: Re: Re: mountain girl :-)

Datum: 28.09.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Jé tak dej pak vědět jak se ti to líbilo :D Již je mi lépe, jdu si právě ohřát lečo a pak zas ležet :)

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