12.08.2011 11:20

I have no time.

I have no sleep.

I have no workouts.

I have no boxes to pack my stuff into.

I have no idea HOW am I gonna live in Prague. :D


This Sunday (in 2 days!!!) I have to pack 90% of my stuff and move it to Prague. So this weekend will be all about packing. After the sleep problem night I didnt workout for 3 (THREE!!!) days, and I feel terrible about it. I had no morals to get up and move, and I still feel a little bit sleep deprived, but I have to do at least SOMETHING today. It is probably gonna be 2 challenges - 1000x Jumprope Highknees for time and 300x Squats for time. It is quick, yet intense and it is fun, I love jumprope.

So this Sunday I will move almost all my posessions to my new apartment, then I will go back home and I will spend my last 2 weeks here. 17 days exactly before I am gonna definitely move myself to Prague and I will only return here as a VISITOR. Hard to imagine after 26 years of living here. I only have 2 weekends left to work everything out, this weekend I will move and next weekend I will spend in my new apartment unpacking. My mom (sova) will probably go with me, we plan to spend a great weekend together, I am gonna show her around Prague, where my new workplace is, where am I gonna go shopping, where the farmers market is (one is VERY CLOSE to my apartment, 3 times a week, I plan to go there every Saturday, yay!). Last August weekend is all about work for me (European Trial Championship + Women's World Trial Champioship in Tanvald), and my very last day at work will be Monday, 29th August. On Tuesday I will go to Prague (by train, yay, 3 hours on train with my Kindle, it's a DREAM!!!) and I will stay there already. For good. 1th September is my first new-job-day :)

I am looking forward to it, still a liiiiittle scared, but excited at the same time. As it is getting closer and more "real" I feel like I should do this a while ago, and it was only ME who was holding ME back all the time, making excuses and rather live a boring and stereotypical life with a wrong person next to me.

I will only keep some clothes, Kindle and my laptop here, everything else will be waiting for me in Prague. So this will be like a little 2week vacation in a luxury empty free huge hotel room :D I am leaving all my furniture to my mom, cause my apartment is furnished and equipped with everything, the only thing I will buy is an oven, so right now I am trying to find a perfect oven for my cooking experiments. With the way I eat now, I can't imagine living without an oven! And it is gonna be new, it is gonna have many functions and I am gonna enjoy it a lot. 
I don't know if there will be an internet connection, or if I will have to figure it out later, so it is quite possible I won't be able to e-mail, blog, watch new workouts, but that is really the last thing I think about right now. I can still write e-mails on my phone, do old workouts and enjoy "what life was before internet" :) I think I will have a head like a planetarium anyway from all the new stuff, so I will not cry over absence of internet connection :)

I am gonna post some more meal photos later today, I only have 4 days left of Whole30 and I am doing great with cooking and eating. 


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