Week 1 - "Blonde week" - I will only be doing old workouts from when Zuzana was still blond :) I didn't do many of these in the past, so it is a great oportunity to try them.

Week 2 - "Challenge week" - This week I will only be doing Challenges and I will try to beat my PBs in a few of my favorite ones from the past.

Week 3 - "Bodyweight only" - All my equipment (except jumprope) is moved already, so I have to find older bodyweight only workouts for this week.

Week 4 - "History week" - on 21th August 2010 I did my very first Bodyrock workout, so this week (22th - 28th) I will be doing workout I was doing a year ago! Can't wait to see how much I improved with my scores!