25.07.2011 18:49

Hiya! :)

I am on day 8 of Whole30 at the moment... Well, day 8 is almost gone. I am going just GREAT.

I have to admit that I DO have cravings. On day 4 I had "cheat dreams," in that dream I was eating A LOT of potato chips, it was disgusting dream. And when I go grocery shopping, my mouth is watering when I am passing the candy section. I don't wanna eat candy, cookies, ice cream - I want chocolate. One little piece of any chocolate (who am I kidding, I wanna eat the whole bar and more!!!). But I know I don't need that and I am good and I didn't buy any.  Today a lady from my bank brought me a little paper basket full of wedding cakes (those tiny little sweet cakes that smell divine and taste delicious). I was thinking about taking them home and freeze them and then eat them when I am finished with Whole30, but after funny discussion with girls on Bodyrock.tv, I gave them away to a girl at work. I was so proud of myself. Then I came home, did my workout (Counter Strike) and I ate the Caveman Custard I made yesterday. It was soooo delicious! I am a little sad that I do not use my protein powder anymore, cause it could be an amazing post workout protein treat. But still it was great and it satisfied some of my cravings :) 

So far I am really happy that I started following this Paleo way. My copy of Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution arrived last week and I started reading it. I am at the very beginning of the book, but it is already very interesting piece, I can't wait to read more. Reading about it, knowing really WHY it is good to eat like this, is very important to me. Because when someone asks me "Why don't you do dairy?" I wanna be able to give them a real answer, not just: "Because that is a part of Paleo diet." I wanna be able to tell people why am I doing this. I hate when someone asks me and I don't know what to say, and I also hate when I ask something and the respond is just: "Google it." :D 

Oh, about dairy! I am so suprised that I do not miss my cold milk! I was drinking cold milk daily, I loved it, I could not imagine being without milk. I have never been a big yoghurt fan, but I loved cheese. Blue cheese, yumm!!! Not anymore! And I am happy about it. I feel alive, I feel healthy, energized and strong. Also I really see physical changes on my body. You are not allowed to weigh yourself while on Whole30, but I don't have a scale anyway, so I can only watch myself in the mirror. For the first time in my life I really like what I see there. :) I am doing Bodyrock workouts for almost a year now and I did get a lot stronger, but I was not loosing fat as I wanted to. And I was too lazy to hold on to Zuzana's diet advices. Paleo diet is amazing (for me, I am not saying it is gonna work for everyone).

Another pretty positive thing - since I started eating Paleo, my mom (ahoj sovo!) started to eat this way too! She was a vegetarian for a while (well, it wasn't her choice, but that is a whooooole different story), and she had a hard time getting back to meat, but with my help she loves her pork and poultry again (still not sure about beef, but we will get there). She is amazed how well this diet works for her, she is not working out, but her job is very physically demanding, and she also started to notice changes on her body and "inside" as well.

I can also say that my skin improved a lot. My adult acne that was appearing on my chin and jaw lately is GONE and I look 19 again, hahaha :D I am amazed that it is "only" a diet that changes so much. Well, still 22 days of Whole30 to go! But I do not think I will stop after these 30 days. I might have a small chocolate bar after finishing (maaaybe, I am not sure yet), but I know for sure that I will keep doing this. The only thing I am sad about is that I didn't start earlier, I should be in a "bikini form" by now :D Well, I still have a lot of time to work on it. 

And, tomorrow is THE DAY!!! Wish me luck everyone, I will update tomorrow (or Wednesday morning...)


pro sovu

Datum: 28.07.2011 | Vložil: Honey

Ahoj moje sovo :-)

Re: pro sovu

Datum: 29.07.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

No nazdar sovo :)

re: whole 30 and other diets

Datum: 27.07.2011 | Vložil: bodyrocker_kaz

i am very much interested in all those views on diet (lifestyles of eating whatever you call it) and how they contradict each other.
i can agree with the paleodiet for some part, the thing that troubles me is the (imho) high intake of animal protein, and a relative high fat intake.
what is your opinion on for instance the 80-10-10 raw diet?
Have you ever read the china study? i have and i found it highly informative, it does however contradicts the paleodiet. https://www.thechinastudy.com/
btw: i eat about anything and don´t follow any diet.


Re: re: whole 30 and other diets

Datum: 28.07.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Hi Kaz! :)
I was not a big meat lover before I started flirting with Paleo diet, in fact, I only had meat like once a week, almost no animal protein, very little eggs, so no wonder I had no visible progress in fatloss. Honestly, since eating meat really every day and quite a lot of fat, I can SEE fat disappearing from my body. I lost so much body fat since April, I can't even belive it. I can feel it on my clothes and I can see it in the mirror. I have never been interested in any diets, so I have no idea what the china study is, or what raw diet really includes. I am happy with this type of diet and I wanna stick to it for as long as I can, cause it works for ME :)

Re: Re: re: whole 30 and other diets

Datum: 28.07.2011 | Vložil: kaz

you eating habits before you went paleo are like mine are now. i will take a closer look at those sites you mentioned before. the reasoning behind it all does make sense to me.
i agree with you totally, if it works, stick with it!
i like what you say: seeing fat disappearing of your body, you must be doing things right then.
ok kaz, time to make some changes i guess. and a 30 day trial is enough time to see results.
thanks for inspiring me :-)

Re: Re: Re: re: whole 30 and other diets

Datum: 29.07.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Oh, thank you for your kind words Kaz! :)
Give it a try, I think you're gonna love it, the diet itself AND the results. I think there is no "bad way" to do Paleo, you are even doing it 100%, or not, and if you will try doing it 100% for those 30 days, I am sure you will see results as well, then you can decide if you wanna keep doing it all the time. Let me know how its working! :)


Datum: 26.07.2011 | Vložil: Jos

I've read Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution and I think I need to re-read it again and again, especially the scientific part where he explains how our digestion system works. I'm sure you're gonna like it :) I also listen to audiobook by Gary Taubes Why We Get Fat - pretty much it's a shorter and lighter version of Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes - a book that Robb Wolf actually recommends to read if you want to know more about how different food affect our body.

That Caveman Custard sounds delicious but it might be a bit high on sugar because of the banana. Just a little suggestion, when you're on Whole30, try not to substitute your sugar cravings with another sugar, even from fruits - try to eat protein or fat instead :) I think I read something like this on Whole9 / Whole30 FB a while back when someone mentioned that he/she was eating fruits whenever she has sugar cravings while doing Whole30.

Anyway you're doing great and I actually totally agree that doing Paleo is way easier, simpler, stress free diet/lifestyle compared to Zuzana's. Not that I have anything against hers, but to me just reading a bunch of rules and regulations how to eat, when etc etc put me off completely. And I also do not like the idea of a whole cheat day once a week. I rather just save those cheats or treats limited to a very special events or when I really really can't help it and it starts to drive me mad.

Ok sorry for the super long comment..keep it up! :)

Re: Whole30

Datum: 27.07.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Hi Jos! :) I just passed that "science" section in the book, but I think I have to read it once again. When I am reading in english, I do better when I read it out loud, makes me remember it more and be aware of what I am reading. I love the book so far and I am happy I bought it. At the beginning I was like: "I don't need to buy a book, girls on their blog will tell me all I need to know." But I am so glad I purchased it, I wanted a Kindle version, but at the end I took a regular hardcover version (I love my Kindle so much, but I still have a thing for paper books, I love books!) I really like that he explains a lot in the book, including how every part of the food acts in a different part of digesting system.

The Caveman Custard was the best thing ever. I made 3 small portions out of 2 bananas, one coconut milk can (small) and 3 eggs, I ate one of them still hot (I couldn't wait) and the other two cooled the next day. It didn't hurt me and I stopped craving sweet. I usually don't crave sweet stuff, I always prefered salty snacks. Now when I want sugar, I usually grab a handful of nuts or cherry tomatoes, I try my best to have A LOT of vegies at home all the time, and minimum of fruits. And meat :) Yesterday was VERY challenging food day, but I made it (yay!) and I didn't break my Whole30 cycle!!! I was very hungry at the end of the day and there was a sweet little bakery and the bus station, but I went in and only bought plain water and I was so proud. At home I had dinner (QUICK!!!) and I went straight to bed without a workout (arrived home 10:30pm)
I also don't like the idea of cheat days/meal. I said it on BR.tv, when I feel confident and happy with my diet, I don't need to cheat on meals. I love what I eat now and I don't need to cheat. Because when you need to cheat it pracitally means you are doing something you don't really wanna do, or you have hard time doing, so you need cheating, and I don't like that idea. You don't cheat on your partner just because, you cheat on your partner because you are not happy with him anymore (or something like that). My diet became a part of my life and I don't need to cheat on my life :)))

I am happy about you super long comment, do not apolgize! :)

Re: Re: Whole30

Datum: 28.07.2011 | Vložil: Jos

Yea I saw your reply on BR.tv ..and wow you're even more strict than I am..haha :D Kudos to you! I rather call them treats rather than cheats because the word cheats just has negative sound to it. For example, if there's a special event or if someone gives you his/her homemade stuff, it's considerably rude to just refuse to eat it right in front of him/her...something like that..so that's why I rather call it a treat.

Also there might be a time when I just crave for something that I haven't had for a loooooooooong time and it just makes me depressed and stressed out for not having it - then it's the time for me to give a little treat and then after ward move on and jump back on to clean eating.

I'm just like you too..I don't have sweet tooth much but salty and crispy stuff? Hell yeah, bring it on! I used to devour a bag of potato chips in one sitting. The last time I ate them, it didn't leave me feeling good and now I can't even remember when was the last time I ate them :)

Re: Re: Re: Whole30

Datum: 28.07.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Haha, I am so strict, haha. I am pretty serious about it and when I see it really works for me, I am able to be super strict :D I really wanna finish Whole30 without any tripping, then I wanna keep going, but I also want to be able to have a piece of chocolate when I want to. Not calling it cheat, but well deserved reward. Something extra special, not a cheat I CAN'T have, because I can have it any time I wan't, I just don't want it right now. (I have this theory with more things in my life now, haha). I can't imagine having a cheat day, or eating the whole pizza, or something like that. Small piece of something I loved to eat will be good and will not ruin my effort from time to time (maybe like once every two weeks or so?)

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