25.06.2011 11:50

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I have a Sportypal app in my phone for a while, but I ALWAYS forgot to turn it on before going on a hike or taking a bike trip! I did not forget today :))

I left home after lunch and I arrived at my grandparents's house an hour later after 9km of nice ride. I am a cycler-beginner, so I really don't have a lot of experiences with cycling or enough physical endurance, but I didn't walk the bike at all, riding all the time.

At 2pm we went outside to take a trip with a local tourists club, and it was about 15km of nice fast pace hike. We only have hills here, so we had to go up the hill :) so we could go down the hill at the end. At 8pm I left my grandmas house and at 8:08pm I was already at home :)

Nice score today! :)))