15.07.2011 21:18

My friend called me today right before I wanted to start my workout and asked me if I wanna go running...

I did! :D

Haven't been running for A YEAR! And haven't been wearing other shoes than Skechers Shapeups for a year (okay, a few times I was wearing high heels) so putting on my regular running Nike shoes was a bit... let's say unusuall :D

Last year I was usually dying after 2-3km (it was before I started bodyrocking), this time I did 5,12km (tracked here in Sportypal) and I felt amazing, I felt like I wanna do that one more time :D My friend was very happy about how well I did, we are soon gonna go again. (It smells like a new pair of running shoes to me!) :D

So no workout today, running instead. :)