06.06.2011 06:47

 What better day to start my favourite diet challenge than Monday, the day we aaaaall love. 

I like sugar. I like sweet stuff. But I can live without it, especially knowing how much it helps me to live without it. Right now, eating my breakfast - quinoa with apples, coconut and a bit of cinnamon - I really don't understand why did I have to go through that hell week. Maybe it was necessary for me to realize my priorities and importance of all I am doing for myself. Thank you, my brain, for not letting me down! :)

So for this week it is NO SUGAR for me (not counting fruits and stuff, talking about candy, chocolate, junk food and all that bad stuff). Also back to exercising, no time to slack! I can already tell that I might have problems with exercising on Thursday, since we are going to wrap a bus to a vinyl (as a "mobile" advertisement) and it is gonna be VERY physically demanding and looooong work. I can't wait for that, I love wrapping cars and other vehicles, more than just sitting on my butt and playing with vectors. Most of the time I work sitting behind my computer, so no wonder my lower body is growing all the time :D 

Let's kick start a new week with more positive attitude :)


Good luck from me tooo!!

Datum: 16.07.2011 | Vložil: Mila

Hi Nina and Jos!
I am reading your posts and totally admiring you for being such a strong will people!
Every day I am planning on taking sugar out of my diet, and evey single day I fail, miserably...
I have cut down on consumption of fruits though...
Keep up with a good work, and I am going to prepare something healthy for lunch now :P
Best wishes to you Nina and Jos!

Re: Good luck from me tooo!!

Datum: 29.07.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Hi Mila! Sorry for the delay in answering :)
Thanks for your nice comment! I am always surprised that people read this! :) It is really hard cutting out sugar if you really like it :( cause we need something sweet in life, right? :D

Good luck!

Datum: 06.06.2011 | Vložil: Jos

Hi Nina, good luck on your sugar detox. I might suggest you also limit your fruit consumption as it might trigger your sugar cravings (fruits are pretty sweet as well) and try to stick with berries as they don't have high sugar as other fruits. Just my 2 cents! :)

Re: Good luck!

Datum: 07.06.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Thanks Jos! I am trying to stick with "AM fruits only," I have apple in my breakfast and after that trying to stick with veggies :)) I love berries, so there should be no problem with that :)

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