The sPNation

08.03.2011 21:07


Some people say he is ugly. Or drag-queen. Or even disgusting.  WROOONG.

This guy is fabulous. The is no other word.

He has some strong opinions, and he is not afraid to speak about them out loud, and does not give a crap what other people think.

He simply IS himself, and that is what I love about him. He is DIFFERENT, he knows it, and he is proud of it.

Brian taught me, that being different is not something you need to apologize for. People who are worth it will accept you the way you are. Those who won't do not even deserve your attention. Be YOU whatever happens, never lose yourself, never act like someone else just to please other people. 


Brian is hilarious, goofy :) but also very smart, and the most important - HONEST. He does not mince his words. He talks about things the way they are, he is not sugarcoating anything. If you want some real talk without fake smiles and product placement, go to Brian and join TEAMNATION! You may be unsure like I was the first time I saw him, cause this really handsome guy IS beautiful with makeup on :D but once you get to know him a little bit, you won't leave. In my opinion he is one of the few people on youtube worth subscribing to.


His youtube channel:

His Twitter account:!/ThesPNation


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