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Here it is! My one year anniversary! :D

Exactly one year and one day ago, I had my last cigarette.

I was a heavy smoker since I was 14 (yes, that young). It was a stupid thing kids were doing back then, to be "cool," we all know that. And I was always a good girl, so nobody though I was "cool." My bestfriend at that time was a total opposite of myself :D She was atractive (I was pretty, but more like a "girly cute", she was more of a "woman"), I was super shy and not confident, she was provocative, confident, she liked and always got attention... We hated each other at the beginning, but then we found out we are related (she is a daughter of my grandma's sister's husband's brother, lol), and since then, we were best friends. She was the one who accidentally left her cigarettes in my room one day. I was stupid enought to grab one and try it :D I felt so mature, I cannot belive it today, so stupid. 

Well, a year ago, that same girl showed me this book by Allen Carr and she told me she stopped smoking after reading this book. I wanted to quit many times, but always found an excuse. ("I can stop whenever I want," "I do not smoke THAT much," "It is my only bad habit"). I was intersted in it: A book that can make you stop? :D No way, show it to me! I started reading. Halfway through the book I was already sure I will never smoke after reading it. (The point of the plan was that you have to smoke all the way through the book and really have that last cigarette when the book tells you to have it). I finished reading, went to a balcony and had that last one. I was alone, so I was "enjoying" the last cigarette and I was so looking forward to quit!!! I didn't even finish my last one!!! I threw away half of it! And since that moment I never smoked. I didn't even have "cravings." I hated the smell of it. I hated that I was smoking for 11 years and I was kinda proud of it. I felt sorry for other people who had to smoke.

Everytime I tried to quit, I was looking for some substitute for a cigarette. Food, candy, chewing gum... toothpick... I was also always worried that I am gonna gain weight, cause I will start eating like crazy. After reading this book I understood, that it is bullshit. Cigarettes have nothing in common with food, so there is no reason to eat to replace it. I felt like I will be missing something as a nonsmoker - after reading the book I realized that I will not be missing anything - I will gain a lot! I will gain fresh breath, I will gain energy, I will save a lot of money (I bought Sandbag and a Dipstation for that money, lol) and I will add years to my life! And I will be able to set an example for my family and friends who still smoke!

Not once in that year I wanted to have a cigarette, honestly, not even once. And my hubby was still smoking! But I never wanted to! Thank to the book I already knew that it have nothing to do with a will power, you do not need a will power for quitting. You only need to WANT TO. 

I started recommending this book to every smoker I know :D I have one succesfull "case," I convinced my mum. She is a non smoker for about 6 months now. 

It is funny, that a girl who handed me the first cigarette was also the one who helped me to stop. :)

And it is also funny (okay, it is more sad than funny) that I can now say: "I was smoking for 11 years, but I decided to quit when I was 25." Time passes by so slowly, I cannot belive I was killing myself for more than 10 years and most of that time I was still a child!!! 

So let's celebrate my one year anniversary by a killer workout today :) 

Allen Carr's book Easyway To Stop Smoking is amazing. If you smoke and wanna stop, or if you know someone who may benefit from this, please try reading it. Don't kill yourself any longer. You can run under the bus, if you wanna die, it will be faster and less expensive. This is horrible, I know, but that is the truth. 

Thanks for reading! :) 


Makavelina – smoking cessation specialist

Datum: 14.03.2011 | Vložil: Martin

I don’t think that running under a bus is a considerate way to die (you might suggest a different way) but otherwise I like this article. I can even imagine that this article might help somebody quit smoking.
P.S. Where are other commentators? :-)
P.P.S. (unrelated to this article) Actually, some spiders DO bite. And some of them are venomous. Very venomous. Even lethally venomous! Have a nice day at work! :-)

Makavelina in danger – facing the threat of being bitten by a giant, venomous spider!

Datum: 14.03.2011 | Vložil: Martin

Seriously though, be careful! Don’t go to work before buying anti-venom and before receiving training in administering it!

Re: Makavelina in danger – facing the threat of being bitten by a giant, venomous spider!

Datum: 15.03.2011 | Vložil: Makavelina_CZ

I looked everywhere so far, but I can't find the bloody spider :(

Re: Makavelina – smoking cessation specialist

Datum: 15.03.2011 | Vložil: Makavelina_CZ

I'm glad you like the post! :D I will think about the running under a bus and maybe edit it later :D
P.S.: Dunno, I do not spread the fact that I have this "blogísek," so maybe nobody really knows about it :D
P.P.S.: Thank you, that is really comforting :D

Maybe some people don’t understand the Czech expressions

Datum: 15.03.2011 | Vložil: Martin

ad P.S. It has occurred to me that probably quite a high percentage of people who would like to comment here (e.g. your BodyRock colleagues) don’t know what expressions “Nebyly nalezeny žádné příspěvky”, “Přidat nový příspěvek”, “Jméno”, “Titulek”, “Příspěvek”, “Odeslat”, and “odpovědět” mean.

Re: Maybe some people don’t understand the Czech expressions

Datum: 15.03.2011 | Vložil: Makavelina_CZ

Well, unfortunatelly I don't know how to make website myself, so I have to depend on this instant version for now :D (I hate the fact that I cannot change the language for free..)

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