17.03.2011 18:12

Due to a super short workout that was posted on yesterday, I decided to make one of my plans become reality. I always admired people who were working out in the morning. And I was so jealous that they can do it and I can't. Monday to friday getting up at 5:45 am, I didn't feel like waking up an hour earlier just to kill myself for the rest of the day :D

If you follow Bodyrock workouts for some time, you may notice that immediatelly after a workout you are totally exhausted. But 10-15 minutes later you can experience enormous boost of energy, that can last for many many hours. That is why in the past I was going to bed at 8-9pm and lately I am not able to close my eyes before 11pm. I do my workout after work, usually around 6:30-7:30pm. I work from 7am to 3:30pm, I am home by 4pm, eat something healthy, wait for 60-90 minutes, do my workout, shower eat something healthy again and then I try to sleep. I usually end up reading my Kindle till eleven or so. I was wondering WHY am I unable to have a good sleep at night and why do my legs move like crazy all night, waking my husband and myself in the middle of the night. So I started flirting with an idea of working out before work. But I guess I was always just too lazy to cut ONE hour of peacefull sleep of my night...

I don't know what it is, but something is just giving me energy like crazy last few days (I think my Mental Twin is kinda responsible for that in a weird way, I just feel somehow happier since I know him, lol). And when the 4 minute workout appeared yesterday, I told myself: YOU CAN DO IT! You can get up an hour earlier and DO IT!!! I started to plan it all in my head. I am gonna need some time to warm up, let's say 10 minutes with a jumprope. The workout itself takes just 4minutes, quick streching will take 10 minutes... plus some time in a bathroom and then about 15 minutes in shower. I decided to set my alarm on 4:30 and went to bed.

One thing you DON'T wanna do when working out in the morning is THINKING ABOUT IT ALL NIGHT!!! I was so looking forward to do my first early morning workout, that I was not able to sleep :D I was waking myself up all night and thinking about how will it go in the morning and how many reps I can possibly do. Madness :D I had to read for an hour to redirect my thoughts (Clive Barker CAN do these things!).

4:30, my alarm started to ring.... Snoozed it for 5. Snoozed for another 5. A little voice in my head was telling me: No! Do not give up! You have to do it, you have to prove it to YOURSELF!!! In 4:45 I really jumped of the bed, splashed some cold water on my face, put my workout clothes on and started. 10 minutes of interval skipping was over so quickly, and I was very impressed with my pace! It was much better than my usual skipping in the evening. I was so full of energy! After 10 minutes I did not wait and immediatelly started the 4 minutes of HELL. 

My legs never burned that bad. It was sooooo painful, but so good at the same time! Four minutes were over in a heartbeat, all I had to do is cool down and strech. After that shower, putting some work face on my normal face, clothes and I was ready to go! AND I still had like 20 minutes to spare! Which showed me that I can actually do regular longer workouts in the morning without all those "I have no time in the morning" excuses!


From this day on, I decided to workout in the morning everytime my husband is at work. He works 2 days and has 2 days off. So every day he is already or still at work, I can do my morning workout :) Other days I will just stick to my previous habits and workout after work. On weekends I already got used to workout before lunch (depends on when I get up, sometimes it is 8am, sometimes 10...)


Besides starting bodyrock as a whole, this is the BEST decision I could make :D Wish me luck, I want to stick to this new plan for as long as possible :)


I arranged a pros and cons list in my head for morning workouts, and I realized, that I will miss evening workouts, because these were the one thing I was looking forward to do after work, and my day usually passes by quite quickly, but then I got home, had to eat first, then wait, then workout and then it was late and I had to go to bed even though I had energy like a squirrel from Over the Hedge movie. I love the "high" I get after a workout, and I could never enjoy it at night. By working out in the morning, she energy boost will last me all day (it did today!), I will not have to do a workout after work, which gives me FREE EVENING to do other things (I still wanna do some interval skipping), and I will earn my carbs without even waking up completely :D 

Plus, my Mental Twin told me that fat is easier to burn in the morning, so I am happy about that. And I will still have a few days a week to workout in the afternoon, so I will never get bored, haha.

If you can, try it, you're gonna love it. I do :)



Datum: 18.04.2011 | Vložil: Marlla

Hi Makavelina:-)
I'm not going to comment on your English, although I think you're doing great.
What I want to say is that I'm pretty jealous that some people, like you, can actually work out in the morning right after they get up. I used to do early morning workouts myself but realised I'm too weak and don't have enough energy so early. So now I work out when I get back from work or school around the same time as you. But thing is, my work schedule is going to change soon and I'll have to start to excercise again in the morning and I have to say I'm bit worried. I hope I won't give up after a while....well, just my thoughts:-)
I like your blog very much...keep on writing...x

Re: :-)

Datum: 28.04.2011 | Vložil: Makavelina_CZ

Hi Marlla! Thanks for reading and commenting! :))
I wanted to do my morning workout yesterday, but I forgot to set my alarm on 4:30, so I woke up at 5:30 and didn't have time. Today I also wanted to workout in the morning, but I was too lazy, so I postponed the alarm and got up at 5:30 again :D
Let me tell you - getting up is the hardest thing about it. I need to push myself again, maybe put my alarm clock further away from bed, so it pushes me to really get up and move to turn it off... :D let me know how you are doing, I will try it in the morning again :D

the 1st sentence doesn't make sense

Datum: 21.03.2011 | Vložil: bruce_ca

Hello Makavelina, Read your V-personal Blogs; Happy B_day. i'm from Canada visited Prague and some other E- block European countries a number of years ago. My ancestry is Ukrainian. I came across your blog accidentally by clicking to see how many people had links to other sites, and that's how i tripped on your page. By your writing you appear to be a very nice person and your picture is very attractive; it prompted me to respond. Regarding your English writings, you are doing very well and as far as the confused sentence you may want to try;
In response to the short work-out posting......
Good Luck with all your endeavors.
Ps can you translate your response section, can't get it translated?

Re: the 1st sentence doesn't make sense

Datum: 21.03.2011 | Vložil: Makavelina_CZ

Hi Bruce, thank you, I will correct that :)
It is amazing that you accidentally got here :D
Thank you for commenting! I AM a very nice person, thank you! :) The picture is more of a photoshop work, and it is about 6 years old, but I still think I can rock it :D
Unfortunately I cannot translate the response section, this web is made in this online app and unfortunately I cannot change some settings yet... maybe I will move to payed version one day and change it :D

The first sentence doesn’t make sense

Datum: 19.03.2011 | Vložil: Martin

You wrote on Twitter a few days ago that people can also comment on your English. So here you are :-)

In my opinion, the first sentence (“According to [...] reality.”) doesn’t make sense. Or, actually, it makes sense, kind of nonsensical sense, but certainly not the sense you intended it to make. The beginning (the part before the comma) should be written in a different way. What you wrote could be translated into Czech for example in the following way:
“Včera byl na stránku umístěn superkrátký trénink, který tvrdí, že jsem se rozhodla uskutečnit jeden ze svých plánů.”

Re: The first sentence doesn’t make sense

Datum: 19.03.2011 | Vložil: Makavelina_CZ

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!
Can I maybe say: Regarding yesterdays super short workout....?

Re: Re: The first sentence doesn’t make sense

Datum: 19.03.2011 | Vložil: Martin

“Co se týče včerejšího superkrátkého tréninku uveřejněného na stránce, rozhodla jsem se uskutečnit jeden ze svých plánů.”
Did you want to say this? If so, then you can say it. But it sounds strange to me.
My suggestions:
A super short workout was posted on yesterday, so I decided...
(Včera byl na stránce uveřejněn superkrátký trénink, a tak jsem se rozhodla...)
Cos/Because/As/Since a super short workout was posted on yesterday, I decided...
(Protože/Jelikož byl včera na stránce uveřejněn superkrátký trénink, rozhodla jsem se...)
Of course, you can disagree with me. I’m not an English native speaker.

Re: Re: Re: The first sentence doesn’t make sense

Datum: 19.03.2011 | Vložil: Makavelina_CZ

I wanted to say that I decided to do something due to something else. They posted a short workout, I read it and my reaction to it was making a decision to workout early in the morning :D

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