29.07.2011 16:10

Hiya again! Weird to make 2 blog posts in one day, huh? :D

But I have to, I promised to give an update, but I didn't know anything until today.

I had a phonecall today, about my job interview I had on Tuesday.







So from 1st September I will be working and living in The City in The Company and living THE LIFE! :)))

Still hunting for an apartment, going to see one next Tuesday, but it will probably be The Apartment and I am gonna take it, if the owner will like me.


The biggest part of the change is succesfully done! I don't need to cry that since september I will be homeless and jobless person!


My celebriation today will include 2-3 episodes of True Blood and THIS LITTLE TREAT! :)  (Oh Jos, I know it is another sugar in that banana, but you have to agree that THESE news needs a treat!!!) :)

Comment: GREAT NEWS!


Datum: 30.07.2011 | Vložil: Jos

Wow congrats on your job! :D I'm happy for you. Happy apartment hunting and don't worry I won't say anything about that little treat..hehe..You totally deserved it :D

Re: Congrats!

Datum: 30.07.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Thank you Jos! I am so happy and I still can't belive how lucky I am to get the job. With my low self esteem it is pretty hard for me to realize that from all those people they had to choose from the actually picked ME, MEEEEE! The icecream was AMAZING by the way, it was crazy that only one banana can turn into this delicious icecream, without adding anything else!

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