BODYROCK.TV - Zuzana and Freddy Light!

08.03.2011 18:35

This does not need an explanation in my opinion. Just check them out on Zuzana is the one responsible for me working out :D I don't know her in person (but I hope one day I will, she is czech as I am, she currently lives very close, I am just waiting for a meeting, lol), but she became a part of my everyday life. I watch her everyday, I workout with her everyday. It is not an obsession as some people may think! :D It is called DEDICATION! :D


They created an amazing website and around this website there is an amazing group of people growing and inspiring each other. I am a part of just a few online groups (mostly PC games related), but Bodyrock Comunity - BODYROCKERS :) is hands down the best community ever. They are exactly the kind of motivation and inspiration I am looking for! We share our scores, thoughts, experiences, personal stories... I love you guys :)

Comment: BODYROCK.TV - Zuzana and Freddy Light!

you're right !

Datum: 29.03.2011 | Vložil: Andrada

Hy, I discover the website a few days ago, and is the inpiration I was searching for. I alwais wanted to start making workouts and do some exercise..but I needed someone like Zuzana.
Now I found her and I'm glad to workout whit her.

I readed a lot of comments on the website...mabe I'll be part of Bodyrock comunity someday, I have to stat suscribing myself, but it wold be awosome that someday we all meet each other... I wanna be a bodyroker :)

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