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His website:

Maaaan, he is ANGRY! :D

I found this guy pretty recently, I found him by accident, was looking for some bodyrockers on Twitter and I found this article called Testing Trainers, where Alfonso was "reviewing" :)

I was immediatelly hooked! His website is full of fitness tips, nutrition advices, answers people are frequently asking regarding fitness. There is a LOT to read on the website. I love reading and educating myself, but most of the time stuff I read is not really true, or is full of false advertisements. I used to buy Muscle and Fitness magazine, not because of the muscular bodies inside, lol, but because of the tips about nutrition, anatomy and stuff. But this magazine was full of supplement ads. I don't judge supplements or people who use them, but I rather be eating healthy and working out like crazy, than eating ten different types of supplements. I also used to visit this czech forum about fitness, but that was the same. Every answer was like: Take gainer after workout, then a little bit of maltodextrin, some protein at night, use fatburners, blah blah blah. Like people really wanna put all this stuff in their bodies without even knowing what it's gonna do, just because Muscle and Fitness tells them so? No, nothing for me, thanks. 

So I was very very pleased when I found Alfonso's website. Although he looks like guys in Muscle and Fitness (LOL), he also has BRAINS!!! Things he says makes sence, are reasonable and useful. Especially the Nutrition posts, I really appreciate his work on these, they are so real. Yeah, milk is TASTY, but that is all it is. So true. Makes you think about things, not just nod and say: Okay, I am gonna do it because Alfonso does it too. He just offers and shares his opinions, not trying to implant them in your head like commercial people do :D


I still have a lot to read and learn about him and his website :) but I can already say he is one HELL OF AN INSPIRATION :) 


Comment: ANGRY TRAINER Alfonso


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Thank You so much for the kind words. I just found this and it makes me feel great knowing that people completely get what I'm all about. More great things to come at Angry Trainer Fitness.

Re: Alfonso!

Datum: 29.04.2011 | Vložil: Makavelina_CZ

You are welcome Alfonso! :) I will promote and your site wherever I go! :D I have to get back to reading your site, I am a little late on things :)

great suggestion

Datum: 26.03.2011 | Vložil: George

Just checked it out and you're right on....great site...

Hope the workout was awesome...I just did the hotbody beach workout and have almost stopped shaking


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