Re: Wow!

Datum: 15.09.2011 | Vložil: Nina_CZ

Hi Jos! Everybody was telling me that in Prague you work later, like from 9am, so I though I will be working from 9am too. I am very happy I can work early. I have to go to bed soon, yes, but I can spend almost all afternoon outside :) it is very nice weather here lately, so I am enjoying it. I am in Prague now, yessss :)
I work 8 hours too, but I can work more (today it was almost 10 hours, we had a LOT to do). In this company if you work more than 40 hours a week, you will not get payed more money, but you will have an extra day of vacation, which I think is good too. If you are an extra hard worker, you can earn more days off in summer, hahaha :D

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